A tribute to the music of Coimbra

Serenata Portuguesa

 A tribute to the music of Coimbra

Coimbra is the oldest university city and was the only one in Portugal for many centuries.

Over the years, its rich history has attracted students and visitors from all parts of the world, especially from former Portuguese colonies. As early as the 19th century, Brazilian students introduced the “serenata” (night singing), which is still an essential part of the city’s distinctive fado style.

The famous chansons and fados were created among students who gathered at night in cafés or even on the street to sing and write these songs. To this day, this culture is alive and well, with new fados emerging among the students every year.

We are a group of talented and accomplished international artists who have captivated audiences in Berlin and Brandenburg with our soul-stirring performances of the unique Coimbra style of Fado, while incorporating our own interpretations and arrangements.


Here’s what sets the Serenata Portuguesa apart:


Authenticity: The ensemble comprises a group of dedicated musicians from different musical backgrounds, who have deeply immersed themselves in the rich traditions of Coimbra Fado and, therefore, feel confident to add elements from other musical styles without compromising the poetic beauty of this genre. This gives Serenata Portuguesa its unique and authentic sound.

Musicianship: Each member of the ensemble is an artist in their own right. Their mastery of instruments such as the Portuguese / Coimbra guitar and classical guitar, combined with exceptional vocal talent, creates a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that transports the audience to the heart of Portugal.

Emotional Resonance: Fado de Coimbra is renowned for its profound emotional depth and storytelling. The ensemble’s performances are not just concerts; they are emotional journeys that leave audiences moved and enchanted.

Cultural Enrichment: Serenata Portuguesa not only provides an unforgettable musical experience but also offers the audience a chance to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Portugal.

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