Charlson Ximenes

Producer | Guitar

Born in the Northeastern-Brazilian state of Pernambuco.

Started studying music theory, clarinet and alto-saxophone when he was 9 years old, joining the local brass band a year later.

Started learning acoustic guitar at the age of 11 taking lessons from friends, as there were no formal guitar teachers around.

At the age of 13 joined a church band that often played in band competition festivals. At 14 he was also successfully taking part in such competitions under his own name.

At 15 formed the band “Seres”, mostly playing pop and rock covers in clubs. The band gained notoriety when they became part of, legendary clown, Belezinha’s touring band. Charlson became a regular guest on Belezinha’s TV show.

In 1983 moved to Sao Paulo where he made his vinyl debut with experimental band “Esquadrilha da Fumaca”. The “Tora Tora Tora” LP was recorded on 4-track tape and was distributed by RCA in 1984.

In 1984 became friends with Brazilian rock legend Raul Seixas while working in a record store. Formed a band, Materia Prima, that played a mix of covers and original tunes at local bars and clubs. At this time Charlson also occasionally played drums in a trio with former Raul Seixas’ band-members Tony Osanah (voice/bass-guitar) and Don Beto (guitar).

In 1986 moved to London, England, to study composition and songwriting in classical, jazz and pop music.

In 1987 was invited to form rock band “Interceptor”, which played mostly covers in pubs in and around London. The band later changed it’s name to “Majestic Creed”, which then became “The Creed” in order to reflect the band’s heavier rock direction.

In 1988 formed “Deja Vu”, a melodic heavy rock band that played mainly original tunes. The band released two singles: “Black Angel” and “Love Me Tonite”.


In 1989 returned to Sao Paulo for a few months and worked as an English teacher to executives and technical staff at a major bank.

In 1990 returned to London to continue efforts to establish “Deja Vu” within the British hard rock circuit.

In 1992 felt disillusioned with the band’s slow progress and moved up north to Sheffield.

In 1993 returned to London and started working, mostly outside music, to make ends meet, although often played weekend gigs in a variety of situations and diverse musical styles.

In 2000 recorded his debut solo album “Collision Course”, with the help of former “Deja Vu” drummer Dave Etheridge, while working as a manager at a reputable private members club.

In 2003 moved to Berlin, where he decided to explore the possibilities of working with more diverse musical styles outside rock music.

In 2007 played at Berlin’s Christopher Street Day with legendary Brazilian counter-tenor Edson Cordeiro to a record-breaking crowd of half a million people, in a bill that also featured German rock icon Nina Hagen. Charlson continued to work with Cordeiro on several recording projects and concerts (see discography).

In 2012 was invited to play on, Tibetan singer, Soname Yangchen’s album “Natural Mind”, which was followed by a live tour, including a performance in the presence of the Dalai Lama. Having mixed “Natural Mind”, Charlson went on to produce and co-write Soname’s “Sound and Light” album.

In 2018 created the “Senemixx” project, which released the singles “Take Me” and “Lover Why” with Cuban singer Julio Jimenez on lead vocals.

In 2019 started recording the “Blues Sky” solo project, which is mainly in the classic blues-rock vein with a modern production twist. The singles “Living For Today” and “Down This Road”, both with Jakey Heartbreak on vocals, are available on all online platforms.

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